DAY 10


Day 10! Two weeks are in the books! Congratulations!!!

Today you will review everything you have learned to this point. You will also begin shadowing the Project Manager. This should allow you to see how it all comes together, understand customer facing management, and the role of our Project manager. 

  • Shadow Project Manager

    • Watch, Learn, Do​

    • Join in on all customer calls if any

    • Write a customer call Agenda (You can find the template in "Around The Office")

    • Take call notes if any

    • Draft client follow up email (You can find the template in "Around The Office")

  • Lunch

  • Shadow Project Manager

    • Discuss copywriting

    • Brand voice

    • Prompts

    • Hey Orca Scheduling

    • Reporting

    • Fan Growth

    • Creative Standards

    • Daily Schedule (Build yourself time each day to ask questions, get feedback, make mistakes, learn, and grow!) 

    • Make an Instagram post from a Hey Orca Notification

    • Post a Story on Facebook and Instagram

    • Create / Save a story on Instagram as a featured story. 


  • Conduct your ninth client Audit.

    • Turn into Tim Gray for review and discussion​



  • Over the weekend finish your 10th and final client audit. 
    • Turn into Tim Gray for review and discussion ​