We hope you're excited to get started this week! 

Today you will begin reading and studying the copywriters manifesto while continuing to review the Bibles and conducting Audits as well as start your new job shadowing. Today you will also begin testing out reporting and diving into analytics. 

Weekend Homework Quiz:

  • Shadow Arts & Entertainment Graphic Design

    • Watch, Learn, Do​

    • Schedule Hey Orca Post

  • Lunch

  • Shadow Arts & Entertainment Project Manager

    • Learn about reporting from Social Report & Agency Analytics

    • Pull a weekly report for three clients

    • Review and put together a brief overview of ways you think we might improve those clients engagement & reach.  

    • Ensure you have access to all of our clients social media pages

    • Download the Facebook Pages App

    • Make sure you are set up to receive Hey Orca Notifications to make Instagram Post

New client onbaording bible steps 



  • Conduct your fifth client Audit.

    • Turn into Tim Gray for review and discuss​