7 days! We are really moving now! Please remember how important it is that you communicate with your team and supervisors. Ask lots of questions and take lots of notes. We are getting into the good stuff now!

Today you will be continuing to review the manifesto, bibles, conduct an social media audit, as well as create a few pieces of content, schedule them, and learn more about Hey Orca. You will also sit with the Project Manger to learn how copy prompts, writing copy, creative, and posts scheduling all come together on Hey Orca.

  • Shadow Brands Graphic Design

    • Watch, Learn, Do​

    • Create a few pieces of content

    • Schedule them in Hey Orca

  • Lunch

  • Shadow Project Manager

    • Watch, Learn, Do​


  • Conduct your sixth client Audit.

    • Turn into Tim Gray for review and audit​


  • ​Write 1 company blog entry. It can be about your new job, a service we provide, a golden rule, graphic design, engagement, SMART Goals, etc. Anything you want to write about. You will soon start learning about strategy, brand voice, SEO, and copy. This will help us gauge your ability in each.