Day 9 is just fine! Let's go!

Today you will be continuing to review the manifesto, bibles and conduct an audit. Today you will also begin to write post copy, start learning copy prompts, and shadow PR.

  • Shadow PR

    • Watch, Learn, Do​

    • Learn about our approach to Publicity & PR

      • The day to day task of the PR team, what they are working on, and goals. 

  • Lunch

  • Shadow Project Manager​​
      • Watch, Learn, Do​

      • Join in on all customer calls if any

      • Write a Customer Call Agenda (You can find the templet in "Around The Office")

      • Take call notes if any

      • Draft Client follow up email (You can find the template in "Around The Office")


  • Conduct your eighth client Audit.

    • Turn into Tim Gray for review and discussion​


  • Review all policy, documents, company values, company history, expectations, goals, bibles, audits, functions of each job, teammates, titles, ​around the office, Grayscale 101 (Company organization, client onboarding process, agendas, Agency Analytics, Hey Orca, Golden Rules, as well as forms, email and phone protocol, research procedures, and specifically dig in on each platforms rules per the social media bible. You will be tested tomorrow on everything you should have learned over the last two weeks.