Email signature and picture

Email Signatures and Icons

A standard protocol for email signatures and icons help to establish Grayscale as a professional, uniform brand. They also help our clients to quickly and easily contact us!


Email Signatures

Uniform email signatures allow clients to easily contact us. To create your Grayscale signature, copy the format below and paste into Gmail. In Gmail, setting can be accessed by clicking the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the inbox screen. Near the bottom of the “General” tab, there is a place to insert an email signature. Make sure the GIF copies correctly and is animated in Gmail. Fill out with your information.  

Email Icons

Make sure that you have your headshot as your professional email icon-- this helps clients put a face to a name and puts a personal touch to your communication.


To set up a new icon…

  • Click the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of your Gmail account and choose “Settings”

  • Scroll down to “My Picture” and click “Select a Picture”

  • Attach your headshot and send a test email to make sure your icon shows up properly!

Email Subject Line

  • “Name of Person or Client / Subject / Date / GSM”


Email Body Structure

All emails coming from any Grayscale email need to be formatted in very specific ways. Uniform email styles ensure we stay on brand, reduce miscommunication, and ensure clarity and kindness. 

Email Format: 

Good _______ name, 

I hope you had / are having a great day / weekend / holiday / trip etc. I'm reaching out today to follow up with you concerning our last email about our need for access to your Facebook. I know you're very busy but this will really help us get started with your marketing. Is there anything we can help with? We would love to get this wrapped up as soon as possible.

Please reach out with any questions.

Thank you, 


Hey Orca

Hey Orca is the social media approval and scheduling software we use for our clients. You can familiarize yourself on their website: 

We will get you a log in and schedule a training session soon. 


The office phone number is 615-678-5720

You will have your own extension that needs to be on your email signature. (Please discuss setting yours up with Tim Gray) 

When you answer the phone. Please use the following.

"Hello, this is ______ with Grayscale Marketing, How may I help you?"

Place live calls on hold (with music!) by pressing the pound sign twice (##)

Once you’ve put a caller on hold, you’ll be presented with 3 options:

Press 1 to return to the call

Press 2 to transfer the call to another extension

Press 3 to end the call



For a full extension list email Robert Hamm.

Document Formatting Protocol

Using a document formatting protocol allows us to create a uniform brand in client-facing documents, as well as expedites the process of creating new documents.


Use Lato Font

Make sure to use “Lato” as your font in all official Grayscale documents. Highlight your text,  select the font tab, click on “Lato”.


Make it gray

File → Page setup… → Page color → Choose the lightest gray box in the top row, second from the right


Add a header

Insert → Header & page number → Header → Justify right → “grayscale marketing” (Calibri, size 8, white)


Add Grayscale logos

Insert at top of document



Insert at bottom of document


We have 2 different Wifi options. 

1. Grayscale

2. Grayscale-5



Calendar Protocol​​

Google Calendar is a great resource for keeping track of busy schedules. Making sure we are all on the same page ensures that events and meetings don’t get lost in translation.


Making a new event

When making a new event, be sure to keep the event title in GSM formatting

“Client Name / Subject / Date / GSM “

“ Rambler / Lunch Meeting / Oct 31 / GSM “

Be sure to include all attendees in the event and agree to send invites out

Include any pertinent phone numbers/addresses in the description of the event

Be mindful of which calendar you use to categorize the event



Personal calendars

Be sure to share your calendar with anyone in the company who needs to be aware of your schedule

Printer Set-up

Link to Printer Driver Instructions


Choose your correct operating system

Download the “Printer Driver” and follow instructions within the pop-up

Return to Brother page and download “Wireless Setup Wizard”

Perform a test run to ensure that your computer is able to wirelessly connect to office printer



If you are explicitly asked to buy something for the company, please follow these steps to get reimbursed for your payment.


Important: Please keep all receipts related to purchase! We cannot reimburse you without a receipt. Physical or email receipts both work.


Reimbursements are given out every 30 days, at the end of each month.


If being reimbursed for multiple purchases, please provide each receipt and final total of expenses.

Informing Management Of Time Off

In order to ensure that Grayscale continues to run efficiently, employees are asked to follow protocol when taking time off for any reason. Please make sure that all of your work is covered or taken care of before leaving.


Please inform Robert of any time off, absences, or vacations in a timely manner.


When a client meeting is coming up, the project manager should write up an official agenda (Template Link) and send to client, cc’ing Operations Intern

Operations Intern will print physical copy of agenda and add to client file



Following client meeting, the project manager should create a Meeting Recap that covers all major points addressed in discussion and send to client, cc’ing Operations Intern

Operations Intern will print physical copy of Meeting Recap and add to client file